Germinating your 303 Seeds


Buying Tramadol In Mexico Germination is the process where a plant emerges from a seed.  We’re going to discuss germinating your 303 Seeds the way we do it at our facility.

source url Keep in mind there are many different seed germination techniques available to you as a grower.  This is one that works well for us time after time, and allows us to visually assess germination characteristics. Supply List: Shot Glass Filtered Reverse Osmosis (R/O) or Distilled Water (less than 1/2 ounce needed) Seeds

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Cheap Tramadol Online Overnight Process: Filling Your Shot Glass:

Purchase Tramadol Cod Fedex The selection of a proper shot glass should not be underestimated in this process.  If you have a “lucky” or “special” shot glass, that is the one that you should use to germinate your seeds.  I have to have several in rotation nowadays, but my favorite is one with Kokopelli on it my wife brought me from a good trip to Santa Fe.

Tramadol Online Illinois It is very important that you have reverse osmosis (R/O) filtered or distilled water for germination.  The natural processes that occur within the seed can be affected by high levels of chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals commonly found in tap water.  You want to give your seeds the best possible chance to germinate and make it into productive members of society, and pure water is the best way to start them.  Check the bottle for the filtration method if you are buying bottled water for this step.  Not many companies use R/O for their drinking water and many drinking water companies don’t even filter their product. Preparing The Seed (If Necessary):

source Another consideration should be the age, size and hardness of the seed.  The older, larger, and harder the seed is the longer it will take to germinate generally speaking.  Some old, large, or especially thick seeds can benefit from a light abrasion with a high grit sandpaper or the striking surface on a match box.  This light “scuffing” helps water to penetrate the thick outer coating and assists in the germination process.  Most seeds will not need this help, but some will benefit from this step.

Get Tramadol Online Once they are properly prepared, its time to let them swim!  I let them float on the surface of the water until they germinate and “tails” emerge from the shell.


The germination process generally takes about 12-36 hours from this point, but I’ve seen fresh seeds germinate in the glass in 4 hours.

Once they have cracked and you can see small white “tails” (these become the tap root) sprouting from the seed shell they are ready to go into your soil or hydro mix!


Grow Big!


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