Germination: Part II

CIMG0886-300x225 There are times where seeds don’t germinate and sprout as easily as they did in our first installment of germination.  In these cases we offer a few helpful tips.

Tramadol Cheap Overnight 1. Don’t Oversoak :

Tramadol Online Overnight Cod Don’t soak seeds for more than 24-36 hours in your shotglass.  It is possible to “drown” the seed with lack of oxygen if it sits under water for too long.  After 24 hours if the seeds haven’t begun to sprout their tap root (“tail”) or haven’t yet cracked, put them in a moist paper towel between two plates.  Keeping the moist paper towel between the two plates helps keep the moisture in the towel.  If your paper towel dries out the seed will die so it is important to keep the paper towel moist. It can take upwards of 7 days for some cannabis seeds to properly germinate and sprout.  If you make sure that they have moisture and oxygen you will increase their chances of success greatly.  Once the seed has cracked and the “tail” has emerged it is ready to be gently placed into your growing medium.

CIMG0869-300x225 CIMG0884-300x225 CIMG0886-300x225

2. “The Pinch”

This is an advanced technique that I only recommend to those with steady hands.  After I’ve soaked a seed for 24 hours, if the shell hasn’t cracked, I like to give it a “pinch” along the seam of the seed.  This a very gentle squeeze, usually with my fingernails along the seam edge of the seed.  With a little gentle pressure, the seed will usually crack.  You can see, hear and feel this slight cracking of the shell and it is important not to overdo it.  If you can’t get the seed to split with a little gentle pressure put it in a moist paper towel (as above) for another 24 hours before attempting again.

You’ll want to make sure that you are seated at an area that will allow you to monitor the seed if it slips out of your fingers while attempting this technique.  Seeds will pop out when wet, and standing over carpet while you do it will have you down on your hands and knees going through your rug fiber by fiber.  You can also use a pair of needle nose pliers for The Pinch, but I caution you to be extra, extra careful as it is easy to smash the soaked seedling if you give it too much pressure.

Again, this is an advanced technique only recommended to those with steady hands and some experience with seed germination.  This is also only necessary with particularly large, hard, or old seeds that may need a bit of help to get started.  The vast majority of 303 Seeds (90% +/-) will germinate and sprout tap roots after 24 hours in water and another 24-72 hours in a damp paper towel.   If you are new to this, stick with the soak and paper towel method and you should have success the majority of the time.




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