http___www.bigleaguekickball.com_category_press_ online soma sale Since 2010 our team has been growing and developing cannabis genetics in licensed cultivation facilities throughout Colorado.


Mapping a strain’s genetic makeup is our highest priority. Cannabis has dominant and recessive traits, like any other living thing, and our goal is to isolate and breed with the best and most medically relevant traits possible. Our quest for genetic knowledge is relentless, and we strive to share this knowledge freely with the community.

Test crosses are necessary to accurately determine the genetic make-up of potential breeding parents. While one male selection may have the genetic makeup to enhance certain strains, he may completely dominate the recessive traits in others. In this way, the genetic traits of the male are just as important as the female. We take our men seriously, and the search for a proper Husband is as extensive as our search for a proper Wife. We think of breeding as seriously as marriage. It is something that should last for life, not a overnight Hollywood relationship. Even when we breed exclusive “limited edition” strains, be assured that time and care were taken in the selection of the male.


The best plan in the world is useless without the ability to execute it properly. We have all of the necessary tools at our disposal, including state of the art licensed adult-use production facilities, a network of licensed growers, and several scientific lab partners for testing the cannabinoid profile of our potential contributions to the cannabis gene pool. We continue to source new cannabis genetics from in-house breeding projects and other licensed facilities throughout Colorado.

Our seeds are tested and evaluated first by our own grow team, then introduced into large-scale production teams, and finally home grower to ensure quality, reliability and viability. Our production facilities make it possible for us to select through thousands of plants every year to find the best possible genetics to continue our breeding lines.


Our stock is limited due to our small batch natural soil grown production methods using only natural soil amendments and fertilizers. We strive to keep our plants healthy and in a living soil environment similar to what their lives would be like in the wild. We rotate stock regularly and introduce new strains through breeding projects. Our seeds are available through licensed recreational centers throughout Colorado starting in 2016.


We never distribute 303 Seeds outside of legal, State licensed retail stores and cultivation centers in the United States of America.  Please do not purchase 303 Seeds on the internet as you can be guaranteed that they are fake.  All of our authorized retailers are located on our Where to Buy page.

Someday we hope that it will be legal to sell you seeds on the internet, but today is not that day.

About Our Seed Packages:

Rest assured knowing each 303 Seed is hand selected for the highest level of quality and germination rate.

303 Seeds are sold in packs of 6 and come safely packaged in state of the art child resistant packaging including an airtight, reusable plastic seed vial.

We take pride in our seeds, and want them to be protected even when they’ve left our loving hands. Our packaging reflects our commitment to quality and to our seeds.


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