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Mother Flo – (DJ Short)
Father Northern Lights #5
Genetics (Highland Oxacan Gold x Chocolate Thai x Afghani) x Northern Lights #5
Grow Difficulty Easy – Recommended for all growers
Sex/Seed Type Regular – Photoperiod
Phenotype Mostly Indica
Indoor Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
Germination 92%
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Limited Initial Stock
Dedicated to Colorado’s State flower, the Columbine, a name that recently has become synonymous with violence and tragedy. Cannabis is a truly magical plant that heals everyone who allows her to. We felt this was a continuation of the healing process.

The 303 Columbine is sweet and floral from the Flo with added structure and better production from the Northern Lights #5. With terpene combos of sweet & sour, pine, menthol and citrus this is a pleasure for all palates. It wouldn’t be a columbine without spectacular coloring, generally when night temps drop below 70 degrees. Amazing production indoor and out with a relatively fast finish centered around 8 weeks indoors. Outdoors she should finish by the 1st week of October.

Easy to grow, with great structure and trichome production, this is a wonderful treat for new growers and experienced cultivators. The combo of two true breeding parents also makes this a great breeding tool to add flavor, bulk, structure and vigor to varieties lacking these traits.


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