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Mother Grape Funk
Father Grand Daddy Purps
Genetics (Grape Krush x Skunk #1) x Grand Daddy Purps
Grow Difficulty Easy – Recommended for all growers
Sex/Seed Type Regular – Photoperiod
Phenotype Indica dominant hybrid
Indoor Flowering Time 55-65 days
Germination 90%
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G-Funk is the sister project to the Grape Ultra. Where Grape Ultra is an enhanced grape sativa, the G-Funk is a uber-elite grape indica. Again using the Grape Funk mom from BudPatch, paired with Cali’s royal indica: Ken’s Grand Daddy Purple, we have created a medical hybrid to meet the needs of grape-indica lovers everywhere.

Extreme doses of resin, color and grape terpenes dominate the G-Funk line. A happy-go-lucky head high goes hand in hand with a comfortable relaxed body high that soothes like a good massage. The G-Funk has manageable effects which allow function in low doses, cause mental euphoria in medium doses and can allow ascent the sky when consumed in very high doses or in concentrate form.

The name is a tribute to the late Hip-Hop icon Nate Dogg(RIP)…
“G-Funk – A Whole New Level”


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