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Mother Cheese
Father Abusive OG x Bogglegum
Genetics Skunk #1 x [Abusive OG x (Northern Lights #5 x BOGbubble)]
Grow Difficulty Easy – Recommended for all growers
Sex/Seed Type Regular – Photoperiod
Phenotype Mostly Indica
Indoor Flowering Time 7-9 Weeks
Germination 90%
Global Only
Very Limited
Are you looking for the truth, are you tired of being lied to? Do you feel that cannabis should be granted full medical status? Time for la Verdad. Verdad is a tribute to our love of Mexican culture, heritage, food and cannabis which is so much a part of our lives in Colorado.

http___www.bigleaguekickball.com_category_press_ cheap soma overnight saturday delivery A very special three way combo of old and new. Easy to grow, great production and generous doses of indica dominant cannabinoids to relax the body and mind. A quick finish centered around 8 weeks, low stretch and good yields make this a great plant for newer growers. High levels of THC, terpene profiles of chorizo-skunk, pine and citrus fruits dominate these beauties and will please even the most picky palate.

A special project bred by GreenPeak.

Very limited global only release.


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