Seed Talk

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    The Beginning…

    Hello from the Mile High City and welcome to the 303 Seeds blog.  Here you’ll find informative posts centering around our favorite subject: Cannabis.  We’ll discuss seed germination, growing techniques, organics, breeding and other important cannabis subjects alongside fun and informational topics we think you’ll want to know about. Our industry is still in it’s infancy, but that means change

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    Germinating your 303 Seeds

    Germination is the process where a plant emerges from a seed.  We’re going to discuss germinating your 303 Seeds the way we do it at our facility. Keep in mind there are many different seed germination techniques available to you as a grower.  This is one that works well for us time after time, and allows us to visually assess

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    Germination: Part II

    There are times where seeds don’t germinate and sprout as easily as they did in our first installment of germination.  In these cases we offer a few helpful tips. 1. Don’t Oversoak : Don’t soak seeds for more than 24-36 hours in your shotglass.  It is possible to “drown” the seed with lack of oxygen if it sits under water

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